Chris Meulemans is a Belgian based artist specialized in works on paper and paintings.
Chris Meulemans Schönfeld Gallery, Brussels

Silence. Pregnant with Promise

Group exhibition with Jesse Willems, Karl Van Welden, Els Martens, Chris Meulemans


With this kind of humility, Chris Meulemans embraces the silene of the blank page. The artist lets go and attempts to escape the human urge to control and fixate his environment. With a few minimal gestures, she creates a figuration that is able to resonate with everyone’s unique story, akin to the transient formation of accidental clouds. This form of figuration disappears as swiftly as it emerges. Foreground and background seem to be on a constant slope. Never unequivocal, Meulemans cautiously suggests fragments of nature, brittle and never perfect, like stains, smudges, and protrusions on the yellowed paper. Nature’s fragility unfolds within the silence of the sheet.  (fragment from companion text)

Roxane Bayens, curator


Schönfeld Gallery, Brussels 03.09 - 21.10.2023

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